Plan Your Visit

At Somnium Diagnostics, we want to make sure that you are prepared for testing to ensure the highest quality results possible. Knowing what to expect when you arrive at our facility for your sleep study will help you acclimate to your surroundings and relax in preparation for sleep. You may call our office to schedule a tour prior to your appointment if you would like.

What to bring:

  • Your insurance card(s)
  • Appropriate sleep attire, generally any type of top with shorts will be fine (no long pants). Knee-length nightgowns will be fine as well. You may wish to bring a robe to wear in the common areas of our facility. Respectfully, we ask that you avoid sleeping nude.
  • You may bring your pillow. We provide two pillows per bed.
  • Toiletries. You may wash your face, brush your teeth, etc. prior to starting your study. We also have a private shower available if you want to leave our facility and go directly to work. We provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash, towels and washcloths. Testing is generally completed by 6:00am.
  • Any medications you normally take at night or in the morning. We do not provide or administer medications.
  • You may bring reading material if you like to read before going to sleep. Each room is equipped with a 37” LCD television should you wish to watch TV prior to going to sleep.
  • Any forms that we sent you that you did not have time to return via mail.
  • You should leave valuables, such as jewelry and large sums of cash, at home. We are not responsible for items left at our facility.


When you arrive:

Our facility is located at 480 Jubal Early Drive in Winchester. Our entrance is on the back of the building, so it is best to drive around to the back of the building to park. You will see a lighted, covered entrance on the back of the building. Enter the glass doors and our office is the first door on your right, Suite 120. For your safety, Somnium Diagnostics is located in a secured office building, so depending on your appointment time you may arrive after the main doors are locked. If the doors are locked, please locate the silver call box on the wall just to the right of the doors. Press the button to page us. We will speak with you via the intercom in the call box to verify your identity and will then let you in.


Preparing for your sleep study:

On your arrival, we will obtain any additional information and signatures we may need. If you did not visit our facility for a tour prior to your appointment, a tour will be provided and you may then change into your sleep attire in preparation for your sleep study. A sleep technician will attach electrodes to your head, legs, and shoulders. An oxygen sensor will be placed on a finger, and a small tube that senses airflow will be placed under your nose. All of the electrodes and sensors used are attached using adhesive gel and tape, so the process of being connected to the monitoring equipment is painless. The sleep technician will then have you complete a series of simple tasks, such as blinking your eyes and flexing your legs, to calibrate the monitoring equipment. The sleep technician will make any necessary adjustments to the electrodes and you will then be able to relax until you are ready to go to sleep. You may choose to read, watch television, or simply relax in bed. A sleep technician in another room will monitor your sleep throughout the night. (Visit our “About Sleep Studies” page to learn more about the sleep study process.)

After your study:

Most sleep studies are complete by 6:00am. The completion time will vary based on how long it took for you to fall asleep and whether or not you demonstrated a sleep disorder. The sleep technician will wake you and disconnect the electrodes and sensors. A private shower is available should you wish to prepare to go to work directly from our facility. In addition,we offer fresh coffee, if desired.

Your sleep study results:

The information recorded during your sleep study will be scored by a sleep technician and then interpreted by either Dr. Thomas Murphy, our Medical Director or by Dr. Jeffrey Lessar, both of whom are Board Certified in Sleep Medicine. The doctor will determine the severity of your sleep disorder and recommend any necessary treatment. In some cases, the doctor will write a prescription for your treatment at the time of his interpretation. Your sleep study results will then be forwarded to the physician that ordered your sleep study. It may take up to a week for the results of your study to be sent to your physician.