Located in Winchester, Virginia, Somnium Diagnostics is an independent sleep diagnostics laboratory that provides diagnostic and therapeutic sleep studies to patients of all ages. Since sleep studies are performed overnight while patients sleep, our facility has been designed with comfort and relaxation in mind. In fact, when you enter Somnium Diagnostics you will find an environment that is, in a word, serene. Unlike most clinical facilities, each of our private testing suites resembles a conventional bedroom with queen size beds and a sophisticated décor. Every aspect of our facility, from furniture to artwork, has been carefully considered to create an atmosphere conducive to rest, relaxation, and sleep.

But don’t be fooled by the relaxing atmosphere. Behind the scenes an advanced network of computers operates our state-of-the-art sleep diagnostic system, providing patients with a thorough sleep analysis.

Somnium Diagnostics is dedicated to helping people with sleep disorders achieve a more restful sleep, resulting in improved health and a better quality of life. We prove our dedication by offering exceptional diagnostic testing in an exceptional environment with exceptional staff. At Somnium Diagnostics, we aren’t satisfied by meeting your needs – we’re satisfied by exceeding them.

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